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International Conference on New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology

23 - 25 June 2015, Oxford University


Richard Swinburne (Oxford), “Phenomenal Conservatism and Religious Belief"

Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame), “The Rev'd Bayes and the Life Everlasting"

Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge), “Show and Tell"

Keith DeRose (Yale), “How to Appear to Know that God Exists"

Hans Halvorson (Princeton), “Foundations of the Fine-Tuning Argument"

Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), “What is Justified Group Belief?"

John Hawthorne (Oxford/USC), “Fine-Tuning Fine-Tuning"

Richard Cross (Notre Dame), “Testimony, Error, and the Reasonable Belief in Medieval Religious Epistemology"

Roger White (MIT), “Reasoning with Plentitude"


Commenters include:

Jeff Sanford Russell (USC)

Jane Friedman (NYU)

John Pittard (Yale)

Christina Van Dyke (Calvin)


Religious Epistemology: Public Lecture

21 May 2015, Oxford University 

Alan Hájek (Australian National University), “Deliberation Welcomes Prediction"



Formal Epistemology and Religious Epistemology (Workshop 5)
8 - 9 December 2014, Oxford University

Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini (Rutgers), “Skeptical Theism and the Future"

Jason Konek (Bristol) and Billy Dunaway (Oxford), “Foundations for an Accuracy-based Approach to Imprecise Credence"

Jonathan Weisberg (Toronto), “Divine Indifference, or Whatever"

Rima Basu (USC), “Against the Orthodoxy: Rethinking Epistemic Reasons for Pascal's Wager"

Liz Jackson (Notre Dame), “Salvaging Pascal's Wager"

Roger White (MIT), "Updating on Evil"

Commenters include:

Laura Callahan (Oxford)

Trevor Teitel (Oxford)

Brian Hedden (Oxford)

Ofra Magidor (Oxford)



Religious Epistemology and Testimony (Workshop 4)

24 - 25 June 2014, Oxford University

Rachel Fraser (Oxford), “'Those Unwise People Still Dwelling in Their Senses': Religious Speech, Moral Testimony and Audience (Mis)understanding"

Trent Dougherty (Baylor), “An Internalist, evidentialist, foundationalist, reductionist, egoist and otherwise unpopular account of testimonial justification"

Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge), “Understanding and Knowing by Testimony"

Sandford Goldberg (Northwestern), “Can Anti-Reductionism in the Epistemology of Testimony aid the case of Justified Religious Belief?"

Laura Callahan (Oxford), “Limits on Religious Testimony: Lessons from Morality"

Lizzie Fricker (Oxford), “Epistemic Trust in Oneself and Others - An Argument from Analogy"

Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), “Religious Belief and the Epistemology of Testimony" 

Commenters include: 

Max Baker-Hytch (Oxford)

Alison Hills (Oxford)

John Hawthorne (Oxford)

Peter Graham (UC Riverside)

Mikkel Gerken (Edinburgh)



Religious Epistemology:

Public Lecture

6 May 2014, Oxford University 

Richard Swinburne (Oxford), "The Inevitable Implausibility of Physical Determinism"




Religious Epistemology and Defeat (Workshop 3)
17 - 18 March 2014, Oxford University

Charity Anderson (Oxford), “Defeat, Testimony, and Miracles"

Adam Carter (Edinburgh), “(Undercutting) Epistemic Defeat and the 'Conciliatory' Road to Agnosticism"

Maria Lasonen-Aarnio (Michigan), “Learning to Love Mismatch"

John Pittard (Yale Divinity School), “Fundamental Disagreements and Defeat"

Edward Wierenga (Rochester), “Defeaters, Proper Functioning, and the Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism"

Michael Bergmann (Purdue), “Epistemic Intuitions and Defeaters for Noninferential Religious Belief"

Commenters include:

Laura Callahan (Oxford)

Sam Carter (Oxford)

Ofra Magidor (Oxford)

Tim O'Connor (Indiana)



Religious Epistemology: Public Lecture

29 October 2013, Oxford University 

Dan Howard-Snyder (Washington), "What is faith?"

Religious Epistemology and the Safety Condition for Knowledge (Workshop 2)
12 - 13 June 2013, Oxford University

Julien Dutant (Geneva), "Safe Disbelief"

Amia Srinivasan (Oxford), "Are We Luminous?"

Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh), "Knowledge and Safety"

Patrick Bondy (McMaster), "When Does Data Count as Evidence? Reflections on CORNEA, Safety, and Sensitivity"

Dani Rabinowitz (Oxford), "Knowledge by Way of Prophecy"

Tim Williamson (Oxford), "Safety, Simplicity, and Abduction"

Commenters include:

Clayton Littlejohn (King’s College, London)

Sara Kier Praëm (Aarhus)

Yoaav Isaacs (Princeton)



Religious Epistemology, Contextualism and Pragmatic Encroachment (Workshop 1)

13 - 14 March 2013, Oxford University

Matthew Benton (Oxford), "Pragmatic Encroachment and Religious Knowledge

Michael Pace (Chapman) "Pragmatic Encroachment and the Nature of Faith"

Charity Anderson & John Hawthorne (Oxford) "Knowledge, Practical Adequacy, and Stakes"

Stephen Ogden (Yale) "A Contextualist Look at Skeptical Theism"

Tim Pickavance and Daniel Eaton (Biola) "Wagering on Pragmatic Encroachment"

Jeremy Fantl (Calgary) and Matthew McGrath (Missouri) "On Two Ultimately Unsuccessful Objections to Pragmatic Encroachment"


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